How to fall in love with your business again

How to fall in love with your business againAt first, we’re all head over heels for running our businesses. Who can blame us? It’s what drives and defines us to do more, whilst giving us a tantalisingly empowering sense of purpose.

As with any relationship, the honeymoon period soon runs out and the spark that once ignited your entrepreneurial passion begins to fizzle into more of a warm glow and what you once loved most about your business becomes the thorn in your side.

You know that going forward there’s bound to be quarrels, differences in opinion and the occasional day that it all feels like it’s falling apart. If these disputes become too frequent, you can’t help but consider what life would be like if you just packed your bags and ran!

Here comes the reality check… Regardless of your differences, most find themselves in too deep and are still too committed to call it quits just yet. So what option is left…?

Work to make it work.

Although true, and quite a motivational statement, what is it that can truly inspire us to reignite our passion for running our businesses and fall in love with them all over again? Well….Love Your Business

Go Back To The Start

Cheesy and stereotypical though it is, remembering why you began your entrepreneurial journey is incredibly important. Think back to when you were in school, university or even when you started working. You knew that you were destined to create something. Whether it was a product that could potentially change the world or a service that would simply make life easier for your customers, your passion was there initially.

Find it again!

Establish Your Common Interests

Love Your BusinessEach business has a personality of its own and, as you are a large part of what defines the culture of your business, its traits are often a reflection on you. This can change from the addition and removal of influential people as time goes on, but there will always be the imprint of you in your businesses genetics.

Establishing where you and your business complement each other can help you to create a foundation for your relationship again. See your business as an extension of yourself and pursue what both you AND your business seem to enjoy.

The more fun you have together, the more you’ll reconnect.

Listen and Learn

People change over time, we grow, adapt, learn and adopt new routines to suite our lifestyle and get along in this crazy world. Businesses should evolve in the same way: your market becomes more or less competitive, new technology is introduced and new opportunities are presented.

This is why it’s important to listen to what your business is trying to tell you. It’s easy enough to create full reports surrounding your distribution channels and where you are now but it’s not so easy to detect what they are trying to tell you and act on it.

Compare yourself and your business to other couples for ideas if you’re not sure where to start, but always remember that your coalition in unique, not everyone has seen and experienced what you and your business have, together and independently, so be sure to work out what’s best for you as a pair, don’t just blindly follow suite.

Make Some Business Friends

Love Your BusinessIf you have a child, you know it’s fantastic for their neurological development to spend time and socialise with children from different backgrounds and cultures. It gives them a better understanding of the differences between themselves and others and allows them to practice their relationship building skills, sometimes forming bonds that last a lifetime.

Networking to make some business friends can help your company to develop in the same way and reveal opportunities that might be just on your doorstep. There’s also the added benefit of having the same friends as your business which means when it comes to having a catch up, you are both prepared, relaxed and happy when socialising.

Try New Things Together

The same daily grind and laborious routine comes coupled with a lack in love for your business. The days, weeks, months and years seem to merge together in an endless cycle of protocol and routine. For which the inevitable result is usually boredom.

It doesn’t mean you’ve stopped loving your business, it just means that you’ve stopped surprising each other and the rollercoaster ride you started off on together has gradually turned into a ride on a carousel, round and round with the occasional up and down.Love Your Business

Break the routine

Deciding to try new things can be a challenge, but as a business owner, you can handle it! If you find yourself bored with your business, mix it up! Pursue new distribution channels and connections or do something unorthodox that’ll get you noticed. Being bored is a choice, NOT an inevitable.

(A little help lowering your businesses energy bills may also work in your favour)

Trying something new can reinstate your sense of adventure and open your mind to a range of possibilities you never even knew existed. Doing this alongside your business can reveal new opportunities for sales and partnerships which could give you a real boost and help you to enjoy your work again.

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