Is there a conspiracy surrounding Yorkshire fracking site approval?

The argument for Yorkshire Fracking site approval

Is there a conspiracy surrounding Yorkshire fracking site approval?On Monday 23rd May 2016, North Yorkshire councillors voted in favour (seven to four) of allowing a fracking site to be established near the village of Kirby Misperton. The project will be governed by UK firm Third Energy, who will be using an existing, 2 mile deep, drilling site, called KM8.

Sky news reports that Third Energy CEO has defended his argument for the project to go ahead with the forecast that:

“There will be no harm to the wider public or the environment as a result of our operations here if we are allowed to proceed.”

This is the first approval for a fracking site in five years, since previous practices were halted due to the effect of earth tremors, concern for water contamination and mass public opposition.

The opposition of Yorkshire Fracking site approval

yorkshire fracking drillsThere are concerns that this deal has been forced and that the winning decision was less than kosher, the daily mail reported the following:

“Groups opposed to the development outside the village of Kirby Misperton, near Pickering, have launched a People’s Declaration in a bid to stop fracking, as one of the Councillors who voted in favour of the application confirmed he has received intimidating emails”

The Government seems determined to integrate fracking into the UKs energy generation strategy, stating that it has the potential to provide greater energy security, growth and jobs.

Protesters dismiss these claims and counteract them with the prospect that similar, if not better, levels of energy security, employment and growth can be secured by investing in more sustainable and less detrimental energy generation techniques such as wind, hydro and solar power.

What’s your opinion on Yorkshire Fracking?

The argument for and against fracking on the site still appears open, with unhappy activist groups continuing to make their stand against the move via protests and the formulation of a Friend of the Earth People’s declaration against fracking.

This is an important issue that could well affect the economic and environmental future of the UK. Whether you are for or against fracking, voice your opinions and why. This decision affects us all – businesses and households.

Get involved and have your say.

yorkshire frackingDo you want to vote against fracking?

If you wish to pledge your support to the STOP FRACKING CAMPAIGN laid down by Friends of the Earth follow the link here

What does Exchange Utility think about Fracking?

The UK is notorious for its ability to learn, innovate and develop solutions, so why are we still unable to find and agree upon a solution that does not destroy the planet and upset local people?

It is also terribly concerning that there are stories being unveiled regarding pressure being applied to key voters surrounding the debate. Using methods such as intimidation to secure votes for a deal that the public are evidentially unhappy with is unethical and should not be tolerated.

We wish Friends of the Earth and other anti-fracking organisations the best of luck in their pursuit of a fair and representative outcome.

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