Ofgem have fined multiple suppliers for customer service failings

Ofgem fine multiple suppliers: How to get better business energy customer serviceOfgem is on the ball when it comes to safeguarding energy consumers‘ best interests. Numerous investigations into the energy industry have unveiled findings that are putting the big six under the spotlight yet again. Fines are being dished out left, right and centre leading to further mistrust within the sector.

Scottish Power £18 million Ofgem fine

One of the largest fines in recent months has be awarded to Scottish Power and comes to the astronomical sum of £18 million. This fine is the result of customer service failings that are thought to have stemmed from issues within the firms IT systems. These system faults have resulted in billing errors and poor complaint handling.

Ofgem fine multiple suppliers: How to get better business energy customer serviceCustomers of Scottish Power are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel however, as Ofgem have stated they have already seen improvements in how Scottish Power deal with customers. The 100,000 affected will also be awarded with their share of £15 million – The remaining £3,000,000 will go to charitable causes.

SSE £10.5 million Ofgem fine

Another giant who has incurred fines is SSE. These fines are as a result of accusations by Ofgem of misleading customers with ambiguously worded scripts and mis-selling.

SSE have stated that they are:

“deeply regretful that breaches occurred and apologises unreservedly to any customers”.

How to get better business energy customer service

Gas and Electricity ComparisonDermot Nolan, Ofgem chief executive stated that fines are: “a strong message to all energy companies about the importance of treating consumers well at all times, including while new systems are put in place.”

Hopefully in the future, Ofgem will have to distribute less fines as suppliers make improvements to how they deal with customer complaints and procurement. This will take time, investment and a lot of planning.

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