Summer business preparations you need to try

Are you ready to get your company ready for summer business? The end of the last business year has safely surpassed and you can officially embrace this exciting and metamorphosing time to be a business owner.

Summer business preparations you need to trySummer is a time of year that businesses, and individuals alike, start acting rather peculiarly… You feel strangely refreshed and, as the mugginess left over from the previous year clears, you can finally focus on getting down to business and clarify your ambitions for the year.

Here’s just a couple of tips that can help you to embrace Summer business and get off to a bright and breezy start in the new business year.

Look back with an open mind

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Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a fact. Businesses do too, so if you are a company seeking growth and success, it only makes sense to learn from the mistakes you make to be better in the future.

A great place to start with this is by reviewing your expenses: What did your business spend more on last year than it should have? What should your business have invested more in?

Doing this could free up thousands of pounds for your business to reinvest in itself. It could be exactly what you need to get your next big project off the ground, beat the competition or incentivise your staff to go to the next level.

Negotiating with your suppliers is key to the success of this, so think about what it is that other businesses get out of you and use that to your advantage. Sometimes, however, this isn’t necessary, there are services out there that can do it for you.

Concerning energy, businesses like Exchange Utility, use the buyer power of thousands of UK businesses to negotiate with suppliers, often securing tantalisingly cheaper rates and savings for their customers at no direct cost to your business. The service is quick and easy so there’s no reason not to give it a try to reduce business overheads.

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Echoing this across all of your organisation could reduce business overheads could save you a lot of money, and what better way to start the new business year than with some extra money in your pocket?

Make new business year resolutions

Creating objectives for ourselves is a MUST! It gives us a sense of purpose and something to strive towards. Why not take a look at our Business Development Resolutions to get a better idea of what you can do to get this year going with a bang?

In preparation for summer business you can learn how to: develop your staff, get away from your desk, allow flexible working, set goals properly and expand your reach.

Refine your image

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Your image is as much a representation of your business, as your home is of you. When it comes to Summer, most give their home a spruce up, so what’s stopping you from doing the same to your business?

Doing this can send a fresh start mentality reverberating through your entire establishment and act as a real motivator for staff. However, you should proceed with caution as colours have been said to affect our moods and therefore productivity. Men and women are also affected differently, so you should also take this into consideration.

For example; a study found that women experience feelings of sadness and depression when surrounded by grey, beige and white and men experienced sadness and depression when in a purple or orange environment.

Below is a breakdown of colours and their effect on mood. Choose your new business premises colours wisely:

  • Blue: This colour is said to be a high productivity colour. It inspires a calm and focused environment that helps workers to concentrate.
  • Green: This colour is useful if your workforce has long hours as it doesn’t cause as much eye fatigue as some of its alternatives, therefore your people can stay focused for longer.
  • Yellow: If your business is situated in the creative sector then you may want to consider yellow. It is said to stimulate both creativity and optimism.
  • Red: High pressure and physical activity job roles could benefit from a lick of red paint. Red can increase heart rates and evoke passion from your employees.

Of course, your image doesn’t just start and end at a lick of paint but it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to breathing a new lease of life into your company. Ensuring that your representative graphics and branding are in line with one another is also essential to display a sense of clarity and unity to existing and potential customers.

Look to the future

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Now your summer business goals are established, your finances are in check and your people are motivated, you’ve set yourself up for a fantastic business year! Unfortunately, the hard work doesn’t stop here.

Perseverance is key, but to keep the momentum going you need to persistently reassess and reevaluate your position. Look at which events are coming up, whether that be seasonal, religious or business events and prepare well in advance. Leaving opportunities until last minute sets you up for a lot of frantic rushing around and unnecessary stress, so choose your summer business opportunities wisely and set objectives with timescales on the lead up to events to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Everyone knows that planning and preparation prevents a poor performance, so stick to the rule, remember your overall objectives and stay prepared.

Most of all, have a very happy new business year!