Business Energy Price Comparison

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complete a business energy price comparison to find a better deal

We can impartially secure a business energy price comparison that will help you to take control of your contracts and save money.

“It’s estimated that 1.3 million businesses are overpaying their energy supplier – some by 80%” – Competition Markets Authority

Our aim is to provide independent advice and a range of options that give our customers the tools necessary to decrypt the business energy market and make an informed, cost-effective decision on a tariff progression path for the future.

Suppliers included in a business energy price comparison with Exchange Utility

Exchange Utility display a range of UK energy suppliers and tariffs to discover the best rates available for your business energy price comparison.

Suppliers included in your tariff comparison with Exchange Utility:

British Gas, Scottish Power Opus Energy, CNG, E.On, Corona, Dual Energy, Npower, SSE, Gazprom, Hudson Energy, Engie and Haven Power.

How to start a business energy price comparison

At Exchange Utility, we believe in a personal approach so that we can find the ideal solutions for your business. This is why each one of our comparisons is guided by a trained professional with an in-depth knowledge of the energy market.

To get started comparing suppliers, all you need is a recent business energy bill. When you have this, get in touch using the online form or by calling 0800 9777 000 and our team will lay out all of the options available to you.

In addition your energy expert will also inform you of any potential consumption reduction or money saving measures that may be of use to you – The final decision on all accounts is yours!

The Exchange Utility Promise

It’s our mission to assist all UK businesses in the reduction of their energy and utility bills.

We promise that we’ll use our special supplier relationships to help you find the best prices, services and advice available to your business.

You’ll NEVER have to worry about the renewal of your business energy and utility contracts again. Your dedicated account manager will contact you when your contracts are due for renewal and instantly inform you of your best options available to you for the next one, two or three years.

Why choose us for your business energy price comparison